Promote one Node as Master

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Promote one Node as Master

Post by Edge2014 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:18 pm

Hello Folks,

i am testing iStorage Server right now in a HA-Environment with 2 SuperMicro Nodes and a Hyper-V Cluster.
I created some LUNS and created some HA-Applications. Everything works so far.
Now i would like to promote the two Nodes as Master for some LUNs, so that both nodes share the Load, e.g. i have LUN csv1 till csv6 i want to declare Node1 as Master for csv1, csv2 and csv3 and Node2 should be Master for csv4, csv5 and csv6.
Is this possible or do i have to use one Node as "overall" Master and the HA Node takes over only when my Master disapppears?


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