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Clients dont see data from target

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 6:51 pm
by nacho420
I am super new to ISCSI and don't totally understand the technology so go easy on me :) I also understand that my use case isn't nearly as critical as most of the users on here. Here we go.

I use Media Center to control the television and movies\videos for my house. I was using a USB drive to record television shows to and store my movies. I was concerned that if this failed I would lose everything. So I created a hardware RAID 5 array and installed windows 7 on a separate box.

I understand that iSCSI is a much better connection method for this main media center PC than using a mapped network drive so I downloaded and installed KernSafe iStorage Server. I created the target - using the hard drive method. Works great and I successfully connected to the target from the main media center PC. I am recording to the target and have full access to it from this box. Really works great and I am super stoked about this app and the fact that it was free.

I want to have other PC's access (read only) the data written to the target such as the recorded shows and media stored there. However when I connect another machine to the target using the initiator the disk connects and shows the appropriate available space, however the disk appears empty in Windows. Further, even on the box running iStorage Server I see the drive in My Computer and it reflects the appropriate available space however it appears empty as well.

There are obviously workarounds for the other PC's not seeing the data written to the target from the main media center PC and I don't actually care that I cant see the data from the local iStorage Server box. However I am curious as to why this is. Did I configure the target wrong? further is there a reason why I shouldn't have used the disk method when creating the target (opposed to an img file?)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read :)

Cheers - Giacomo