Please enable iSCSI UNMAP support

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Please enable iSCSI UNMAP support

Post by ionel » Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:10 am

I am using the free license for windows with latest version v5.20

When I create a test image file based target on a sparse raw img file, I expect that from the initiatior to be able to issue SCSI UNMAP command (eg. blkdiscard/fstrim command from linux initiator)

Instead, the block device reports that it supports discard (lsblk -D shows DISC-MAX as non-zero) but effective command return is "Remote I/O error" when I try to unmap some blocks (using fstrim, blkdiscard or sg_unmap commands)

Therefore I conclude that the server supports the UNMAP command but it is disabled in the free license.

Please enable it for us the poor home people, too!

Thank you!

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[email protected]:/tmp# (lsscsi -sdg; lsscsi -t)|grep -i kern
[5:0:0:0]    disk    KernSafe iSCSI Adapter    0200  /dev/sde [8:64]  /dev/sg4 [21:4]  8.58GB
[5:0:0:0]    disk,t,0x1  /dev/sde

[email protected]:/tmp# lsblk  -D /dev/sde
sde         0      512B     256M         0

[email protected]:/tmp# sg_unmap --lba=0x1 --num=1 /dev/sde
UNMAP not supported

[email protected]:/tmp# blkdiscard -v /dev/sde
blkdiscard: /dev/sde: BLKDISCARD ioctl failed: Remote I/O error

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