Problem Mounting New R/W Image as ISO

Virtual CD/DVD-ROM/RW, Blue-Raw emulator, virtual disk and iSCSI Initiator for Windows
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Problem Mounting New R/W Image as ISO

Post by MackerelQ » Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:44 pm

I just downloaded and installed version 2.01. I have an issue when I go to create a new read/write disk image. When I press the browse button to select where to place my disk image, the only file format it presents is "Disk Image Files (*.img)". When I pull down the drop down, the only other choice is "All Files (*.*)". The only way I can get it to present me with the option to save the image file as an .ISO is to click the "Finish" button on the Mount Virtual Burner dialog without having specified a file path. Doing so forces the program to throw an error. Once I bypass the error message and I go back into the browse window under the Mount Virtual Burner dialog, .ISO is now the available option and not .img.

Charles [PM]
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Re: Problem Mounting New R/W Image as ISO

Post by Charles [PM] » Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:00 am

Thank you for your feedback, we have understood the problems and will fix it at next release.
Currently when you meet this problem, you can close the dialog and click the "Virtual CD/DVD-RW" menu item to open the dialog again, then the file selecting dialog is correct.

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