Can't create filesystem on target

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Can't create filesystem on target

Post by displaced » Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:30 pm


I've got a simple FreeBSD iSCSI target configured. It's sharing a single target, which is a whole block device (/dev/da1)

I can discover and log in fine with iSCSI Initiator X - the drive appears in Disk Utility as expected. However, I can't create a filesystem. Disk Utility gives the following error:

Code: Select all

Erasing “FREEBSD CTLDISK Media” (disk2) and creating “Untitled”

Unmounting disk
Creating the partition map
Waiting for partitions to activate
Formatting disk2s2 as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with name Untitled
newfs_hfs: WriteBuffer:  pwrite(3, 0x7f99a6821000, 262144, 0): Input/output error

newfs_hfs: write (sector 0): Input/output error

Mounting disk
Could not mount disk2s2 after erase
File system formatter failed. : (-69832)

Operation failed…
The server logs show the following:

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received Data-Out PDU with DataSN 16777216, while expected 1: dropping connection
Any advice appreciated!


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