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CloudNFS NFS Datastore Management
CloudNFS Datastore CloudNFS User Manual

Browse the CloudNFS management system, click the CloudNFS link on the left navigator, It will navigate to CloudNFS page:

Here you can manage CloudNFS Datastore by the following operations:

1. Datastore browsing and view online client
User can view Datastores from the table.
To view online client, just click the link on one CloudNFS datastore.

2. Create Datastore
See topic: Create CloudNFS Datastore

3. Remove Datastore
To remove a Datastore, on the right of an Datastore record, click the Remove link, then a confirm dialog popup.

Click the OK button to remove the Datastore.

4. Modify Datastore
On the Datastore record, click the Edit link to edit, please refer to topic Modify NFS Datastore.




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