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CloudNFS Create NFS Datastore
Create NFS Datastore CloudNFS User Manual

In the CloudNFS Datastore management page, click the Add Datastore button. It will navigate to the Add Datastore page:

Type a CloudNFS Datastore name like "MyCloud".
Select a folder for the datastore location.
Choose authorization mode: CHAP means use users and group for log on credentials and Anonymous means no need user and password to log on.
IP Address Authorization: If choose will use client IP address for authorization.
Private storage: If choose, any client will have its own storage, otherwise all clients will share the same storage.
If choose CHAP authorization method, administrator can move groups to Full Access Groups or Readonly Groups.

Scroll down the window.

If choose IP Address Authorization, administrator can select IP Filters into Full Access IPFilters or Readonly IPFilters, if no IPFilters selected, will no clients can logon to the Datastore.

Click the Add CloudNFS button to create datastore.



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