NFS & Virtual File System
NFS & Virtual File System

KernSafe CloudNFS is advanced, high performance, and reliable NFS & NAS solution for Windows, which is built based on KernSafe virtual file system technology, which is file system based sharing and encryption solution.
KernSafe NFS & VFS (virtual file system) SDK is full sets of API which can help other companies create their own product can archive file concurrent sharing, file sharing, file transparent encryption and virtual file system.
Features can be customable, see features compares: Features Compares. For more information please contact us.

  • Concurrent file system sharing to multiple clients (file system level).
  • File system level transparent (on the fly) encryption.
  • Separated password for each encryption set (file or folder).
  • CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) security user log on.
  • Providers cloud network file system driver to ensure accessing transparently, compatible with all application.
  • Provide two types of datastore, private datastore (for each client) and public datastore.
  • Client can easy to make files/folder share to other clients (private datastore).
  • Client can easy to copy files/folders to other clients the operation will complete by server.
  • VFS can create virtual file system node by using any streaming: file/folder, http, ftp etc.
  • Native support x86, x64 systems.