iSCSI SAN Cross-Platform

KernSafe iSCSI SAN is an advanced, powerful and full-featured iSCSI Target software which convert any Windows, Linux and Mac OS X into a high availability iSCSI SAN, which delivers all the benefits of block-based storage with TCP/IP compatibility for all the applications and services.

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The reliable high availability iSCSI SAN

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News & Tutorials

KernSafe iSCSI SAN Overview

In this tutorial we will focus on new features available in iStorage Server.

Latest Topics:

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Replication & Centralization

KernSafe High-availability and replication solutions are quick, reliable and the most cost effective software which allows to create Windows cluster just by two Windows Servers, and also allows to create real-time replication between local disks to remote iSCSI SAN.

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KernSafe is rapidly expanding in storage virtualization and data security solutions, ranging from desktop computers to large data centers. Thanks to that we are able to provide best products while still offering them at reasonable price. If you wish to join us as one of our partners, please contact us.