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Become partners with KernSafe Technologies

KernSafe is global leader in storage virtualization and data security solutions from desktop to the data center. We are able to provide outstanding quality products thanks to our wide channel partners list.

Resellers are very important to us, because thanks to their help we are able to provide our products on international markets on which it would be difficult to do on our own. Because who can know their markets better than not the people itself? Therefore we are proud of each and every one of our resellers that brings high quality service to our customers.

Benefits of being a Reseller

  • Purchase products at a discounted rate
  • Adding new products to your sales offer
  • Becoming more attractive on market
  • No minimal sales requirement
  • Priority support provided by KernSafe specialists
  • Being featured on our website

Reseller Program

Click here to ask general question regarding with becoming KernSafe Reseller.

KernSafe Affiliate Program allows you to turn visits to your site into your own revenue. If you run a website and you will place links to our products there, every time a visitor will click on those links and be directed to our website you will not only gain better recognition but also be a part of constantly growing KernSafe team.

Benefits of being an Affiliate

  • It is free
  • Contests and extra opportunities
  • Data feeds with information on top-selling and exclusive products
  • Increasing your website recognition
  • Being featured on our website

Click here to complete online application in order to become KernSafe Affiliate.

KernSafe is an industrial leader while creating unique offers for our potential OEM partners. Our close collaboration with OEM partners during development of products, resulting in impressing products while always maintaining professional environment.We will always welcome our new potential OEM partners to provide seamless interoperability and value for customers.

Benefits of being an OEM partner

  • Priority developer and costumer level of support provided by KernSafe specialists
  • Promotion through KernSafe marketing channelsr
  • Product training and marketing resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Press release support
  • Early access to new product information
  • Exclusive product and support offerings for OEM partners

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