KernSafe Solutions for Citrix

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Citrix is one of the biggest virtualization vendors currently available on the market. Virtualization means that it is isolating one computational resource from others. By doing so, we are able to gain higher flexibility and make it easier to manage all data – need for configuring every element by itself, in order to gain a mutual cooperation.

Citrix is most known for its XenServer software, which is fully featured virtualization management platform. Xen technology is commonly considered to be the fastest and most secure virtualization software currently available on the market. XenServer was designed with a maximum care in order to ensure most effective management of all Windows and Linux virtual servers.

Server virtualization is a well-known technology, which allows for work of multiple virtual machines on a one physical server. Every virtual machine is completely isolated from other VM’s and separated from physical hardware by a special software layer called hypervisor. It allows for each virtual machine to work with different operating system and set of applications. Separating from physical layer allows for migration of working virtual machines between physical servers – it is called Live Migration.

KernSafe allows not only to easily expand storage while working with virtualized servers, thanks to iStorage Server, but we are also able to create completely custom solutions for this platform. Therefore please forward any special requests to [email protected].

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