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iFlyDisk, is a network based virtualized disk mapping software, iFlyDisk can map some disk/RAID disks on a computer, but the disk source is a disk or a image file on another computer. The virtual disk which you mapping from other computers can be used as usual as local. It is fast, safe, reliable and convenient.

iFlyDisk 2.01 Change Log:

  • Added an option which user can select to save virtual write data
  • Added an option to make an unformatted image
  • Added an option for creating sparse file
  • Added an option to force unmount volume
  • Added persistent devices (automount) management
  • Added client support for Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Improved virtual write speed
  • Improved mount/unmount/automount mechanism

iFlyDisk is a network Virtualized disk mapping software,it can mapping some disk/RAID disks on a computer, but the disk source is a disk or a image file on another computer. the virtual disk which you load on your own computer can be used as usual as local. it is fast, safe, reliable and convenient, compared to INetDisk, iFlyDisk is relatively small, but it is faster and more user-friendly.

iFlyDisk provides the convenience of protecting all files and folders on the server's disk. You can set three kinds of models for the disk to be visited( full access, protect, or refuse ). The protected option allow the file and folder on disks to be undeletable, unrenameable, unmovable, full access option can allows client machines to do anything arbitrarily.The refused option makes some clients unconnectable. The client machines which will load the share disk service must be in the scope of the trusty ip list which you setting on server. And also you can provide two passwords to decide a client  run in full access mode or in protected mode.

The mapping disk is exactly the same as the source disks on the server,we can use it as the same as local disk, For example partition , format and do some file operations. But all the operation only work locally, do not affect the server,when your server's disk is in protected access.

Compared to iscsi, iFlyDisk also provides a virtual write technology. What is the virtual write mean. That is the user may carry on some operation (read, write, etc) while using the disks, but all operations only affect himself/herself rather than affect the others using same source disks. And all the operation is transparently to users.