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iSCSI SAN for Remote Burning
KernSafe iStorage Server and remote burning


Burning data on physical disk can still have its benefits over either hard drive or tape backup. But basic idea of remote CD/DVD burning is to create backups on optical discs but using remote CD/DVD burners. The benefit of that is you don't need an optical drive to do it, you can use one remotely. It saves time and money because every client can use the same optical drive.

Earlier every computer that wanted to burn something on a CD/DVD needed to have a physical burner. Now it is completely unnecessary since you can easily export the CD/DVD drive you already have. Every company will be able to perform backups on those disks if they would like to, or it can be used for burning normal data to share it later..

iSCSI Remote Burning

Whole process of burning looks exactly like you would be using physical burner and will work with every burning software available on market. That will allow to save money since one burner can be shared with many computers at the same time. Additional advantage is in maintenance of such solution since it is much easier to make sure one burner is always operational, then overlooking all burners in every machine.

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