KernSafe Solutions for Personal Use

Solutions that are provided by KernSafe can be used in practically every environment, and that also includes personal usage. Almost all of our programs have special free licenses that grant ability to use them without any fee in your home environment.

IT specialists have also pretty complex network installations at their home. It is where KernSafe can also aid them in creating better and more secure network. Every of our software is very scalable and flexible- and thanks to that you will be able to benefit from everything that big corporations already can.

Now even in your home office you will be able to create a centralized storage, thanks to iSCSI technology, that will enable you to dynamically add storage to other computers. Then adding additional storage will be as easy as plug-and-play without any special configuration needed.

Tool that will allow users to easily benefit from iSCSI is iStorage Server. It is really easy to use thanks to its simple but feature full UI. It will allow users to set up their own storage pool and connect to it via LAN. After storage is operational, user can easily assign how much storage he want to add to a specific system without needing to disassembling them. Most of the home offices owners would like to have their data put on a RAID (Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks) and therefore increase its reliability. iSCSI can then prove to be even more useful and flexible solution.

Except for data sharing solutions, we also offer data encryption that uses the strongest AES 256-bit encryption mechanism. You can choose to create a either encrypted virtual disk file or encrypt whole drive/partition in programs such as DiskEncryptor or TotalMounter. Feel free to browser our product section to see what programs are currently available free of charge for home users.

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