iSCSI Initiator X
iSCSI Initiator X

KernSafe iSCSI Initiator X is an iSCSI initiator software for Apple Mac OS X (Free license available). With the benefits of iSCSI technology, iSCSI initiator X can export an SAN device to local Mac OS X machine include: Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Server, Mac Mini and even MacBook Pro.
It is very useful software in visualization industry and data centralization for small business and large enterprise.

Using the KernSafe iSCSI Initiator X, user can quickly mount a external storage to Mac OS X machine from remote iSCSI SAN server.
With KernSafe iSCSI  SAN technology, it allows user mount external storage from Windows, Linux and other Mac OS X machines, and user can quickly get the benefits of data protection from KernSafe:
  • Snapshot
  • CDP (Continuous Data Protection)
  • Synchronous Replication
  • Asynchronous Replication
  • CHAP Authorization
  • Encryption.