KernSafe Solutions for Financial Sector

Financial sector is one of the most important sectors in modern economy. It is there where such things as reliable, available and centralized storage matters. Without those features, institutions such as banks, stock market or other financial organizations couldn’t operate. In those places KernSafe solutions are working the best, assuring that everything will operate smoothly.

When talking about financial sector, it is crucial that all storage there will have its own backup and additional cluster server created with high available storage. Such storage is extremely important, since even if one of the nodes will fail, the second can take over allowing for business continuity without any downtime.
Thanks to all solutions that KernSafe provides, all of that can be not only achieved with almost all Windows operating systems, but also on multiple virtualization platforms such as VMware ESX/ESXi, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V. All of those are already proven to work seamlessly with all KernSafe products. Then you will not only be able to benefit from everything those platforms have to offer but also be able to benefit from everything KernSafe have in its products.

Our main product – iStorage Server, which is one of the fastest iSCSI Servers currently available on the market, allowing you to make your business run smoother without any downtime. In the end that will also result in better profit allowing you to have more competitive business using hardware you already have.

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