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iSCSI SAN for Tape Redirector
Tape Redirector in iStorage Server

Tape Redirector

Using tape devices isn’t as popular now as it was couple years ago, but still many companies use then on daily basis to utilize all their storage capabilities. With tape redirector feature, it is possible to export tape devices over the Ethernet network to perform remote backup.

When using tape devices you are able to get high reliability since every tape device is operating when backup or recovery operation is performed, on the contrary to hard drives which always spin, even if they are not accessed. That will also allow to save more money since it will cost significantly power consumption. Tape devices are also usually much lighter and smaller than average hard drive which makes them perfect if you would like to store data off-site.

Some older very specialized software was especially designed to work only with tape devices and now using KernSafe iStorage Server it is possible to use that software even if tape device isn’t physically connected to the machine itself. Every data transfer will be via Ethernet network. You can be sure that that’s to KernSafe you will be able to easily and without any troubles export your tape devise as an iSCSI target.

Tape Redirector

In the end using any tape device will be easy thanks to tape redirector that is built in KernSafe iStorage Server. No additional hardware will be needed, you will be able to export your tape device as a iSCSI target just by using software iSCSI Server. That will allow for full utilization of your storage capabilities.

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