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Network Private disk solution
Network Private disk solution

Private disk solution is completely different from shared disk. The main difference is that while shared disk is created for many users to access the same data, private disk allows usually only one person to access that data which is also encrypted to ensure higher security. Such private storage can be setup to allow access only to specific user.
That feature allows specific user to access his private data over the network, as they would on their local machines. That is a very big benefit for any user that require to have its own secure and private data storage on remote server. Storing such data on remote sever have its own advantages, such as that server can be running CDP or even HA in order to ensure that data can be always accessed.

Administering all data that is stored on the same remote server is much easier, and can benefit from allowing you to reduce number of applications that are needed to maintain your network. Since all data is secure in one place, it is also much easier to create additional backups that need to run only one time on one location, and not be spread out over whole network.

iSCSI Network Shared Disk

When it comes to securing your private storage, it is done in several ways. First all of your private data is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption mechanism, assuring that no one without proper access rights won’t be able to open that data. On top of that you can also set up a CHAP protection for your target and IP Filter (while using iStorage Server) to ensure only specific machine on the network can access that data.

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