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Executive Team

Executive Team

Aldrich Vort - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect

Aldrich is a co-founder of KernSafe who created it in 2006 and oversees the full company management as well as research and development departments while providing technological guidance for the company's product development. Aldrich's vision is to establish KernSafe as the number one in quality security storage and storage virtualization solutions. Aldrich has been devoting his time to research and development Windows kernel based software for more than 10 years. Before he created KernSafe, he has been successful on many storage and security related projects, such as storage virtualization, encryption, Windows Embedded, diskless boot, CA and smartcard OS, especially .net virtual machine on smartcard implementation.

Sophia Lau - Sales Manager

Sophiaand her sales skills helped KernSafe to increase revenue trough out the years. She always has a very good attention to details and treats every costumer individually and has a very clear understanding on how distribution channels work and with project planning. That makes her a perfect for that position. Prior joining to our team, she was involved in several other companies where she was building strong business relationship with clients. Now she is doing the same thing for KernSafe.

Olivia Zhang - Support Manager

Olivia is in charge of our support center. She is always making sure you will get best support possible. Olivia's interpersonal skills always allow her to develop very productive working relationships with our customers. Her skills and high attention to details as well as abilities to always find right solution for a problem are very beneficial to KernSafe from the first day she started working here. Her past experience includes job positions such as technical support manager and network administrator which are vital to our success.

Matt Williams - Marketing Manager

Matt and his unique skills in gaining new customers are crucial to his position at KernSafe. Thanks to that he can not only increase revenue but also expand brand awareness using different mediums. His experience helps him to be oriented on more professional market in order to prove ability to create and execute marketing programs. He is always full of passion, energy and enthusiasm for achieving new business objectives. Now, main platform to gain new clients are social networks. In those places Matt can fully show his potential while still providing high quality service to any client. He is also in charge of Forum that is available on our website.

Michael Haynes - Development Manager

Michael is a well-known for his managing skills. He is always not only able to manage our whole team but also keep them motivated which result in faster development cycle. Michael is responsible for designing, coding and delivering our applications to our clients. Before he joined our team, he had a very wide experience with developing software products and works as a software engineer, program manager as well as C++ programmer.After Michael joined our team, we noticed a significant increase in development speed of our products as well as increased reliability. He is crucial to bright future of KernSafe.