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Microsoft Hyper-v
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Microsoft is the biggest computer company on the planet. We can find its products everywhere, on computes, phones, ATM’s and even in cars. Therefore it is not surprising that Microsoft have its own virtualization platform called Hyper-V.

With upcoming Windows 8, it is speculated that Hyper-V will be available even for personal costumers. With that being said, Hyper-V will become most popular virtualization platform currently available on the market. Thanks to Microsoft legacy, all IT professionals can be sure that they will receive the highest possible support while still maintaining they budget low.

KernSafe not only allow to work iSCSI SAN under Microsoft Hyper-V, but thanks to our innovation technologies we are able to develop more software that can work seamlessly under Hyper-V. We are able to create more than? just iSCSI SAN that will work with Hyper-V Technology.

If you wish to know more about our work under Microsoft Hyper-V, or you have special requests, please contact as at [email protected].

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