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Technology Modules

KernSafe is dedicated to the advancement of kernel mode software development.

Without significant changes in our methods and practices, global demand for software development and maintenance will vastly exceed the pace at which the industry can deliver in the very near future.

Scaling up to much higher levels of productivity will require the ability to rapidly configure, adapt and assemble independently developed, self describing, location independent components to produce families of similar but distinct systems. It will require a transition from craftsmanship to manufacturing like the ones we have seen in other industries, and will eventually produce more advanced earmarks of industrialization, such as supply chains, value chain integration and mass customization.

To accomplish this, the industry must capitalize on some key innovations in software development. We must synthesize ideas such as domain specific languages, software product lines, component specification and assembly, patterns, framework completion, domain analysis and feature variability analysis into a cohesive approach to software development that can learn from the best patterns of industrialized manufacturing.

This is what we mean by Software Factories. The industrialization of software development.

Therefore, we provide a variety of off-the-shelf modules for our customers, which bring immediate benefits are:

  • Modules are pre-development of our good and stable operation, rather than new development, which will win you a lot of time

  • Modules using the first trial with satisfaction after the purchase of the principle, greatly reducing project risk;

  • Compared to outsourcing to re-development, non-technical risks.
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