KernSafe Solutions for Healthcare Sector

In healthcare sector needs for storage is growing higher and higher due to increase in resolution of multiple scanning techniques, patient and research data. At the same time all of important data need to be properly protected, so no one can gain access to private patient data.

All that data can be easily managed using all KernSafe solutions. Our current technologies will allow healthcare professionals to easier manage their data as well as make it much more secure. High availability technology will allow ensuring all data will be always accessible while data encryption will provide all required security of private data.
Every of our solutions are not colliding with any state or federal mandates for managing private patient data or medical insurance information. Thanks to all solutions that KernSafe provides, all of that can be not only achieved with almost all Windows operating systems, but also on multiple virtualization platforms such as VMware ESX/ESXi, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V. All of those are already proven to work seamlessly with all KernSafe products. Then you will not only be able to benefit from everything those platforms have to offer but also be able to benefit from everything KernSafe have in its products.

iStorage Server can be installed on almost any Windows operating system and allow you to deploy high availability iSCSI SAN in less than 5 minutes. Since iSCSI technology can be run ever already existing Ethernet networks allowing you to save money for other important expansion or for future development.

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