KernSafe Solutions for Enterprise Sector

All products from KernSafe were designed to be able to manage extremely large quantity of data (that is counted even in hundreds of terabytes and even petabytes).? They will also provide a high-speed access to it at a very cost-effective rate. For every bigger order we are able to provide substantial discounts, allowing maximizing your profit from your investment.
iStorage Server can be used as an irreplaceable iSCSI Target. Using all benefits that comes from iSCSI, iStorage Server will improve overall management of your network storage by helping you to consolidate it. You can use it to export any SCSI based device, as well as all popular CD/DVD Images. That in other hand will help you to centrally manage your devices. Most important features that will easily benefit in use for business is High-Availability, RAID-1, VHD files, snapshots and continuous data protection (CDP & COW).

If you are a corporate user, you will also appreciate our other solutions that will allow you to easily encrypt all your data, even one on optical disks. Every corporation has data that can be very value for hackers or other corporations. In order to protect from that kind of intrusions, the best way is to encrypt it, creating a safe working environment.
Below you may find a brief list on how KernSafe can benefit for Enterprise sector:

  • Volume discounts
  • Customizable
  • Equipped with corporate friendly features such as High-Availability, clustering, backup and more
  • Lifetime support
  • Fast data access

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