iStorage Server Ultimate

iStorage Server is an IP SAN solution that allows you quickly export existing storages such as disk images, physical disks, partitions, CD/DVD-ROMs, tapes or any other type of SCSI based devices and even a variety of popular CD/DVD images to its client machines, which delivers immediate benefits allowing storage to be consolidated, virtualized and centrally managed. iStorage Server also provides RAID-1 (mirror) feature, which allows you create two devices for mirror backup, the mirror devices can be local image files or remote iSCSI devices. iStorage Server has been added support for Microsoft Virtual Disk File (VHD) and VHD snapshots at the recent release.

Compares between KernSafe iSCSI SAN and XTremeSAN

iStorage Server is fully software based therefore you don't require any additional hardware. Creating new target is as simple as following all steps provided by wizard and it will take less than 3 minutes. Only requirement is connection to the Ethernet network.
This is perfect solution for all corporations that want to have their data secure at reasonable price.

Typical applications & clients:

  • Central storage management and CD/DVD Image files
  • Sharing targets to other Window, Linux, Solaris, Netware and Mac computers
  • Working with VMware ESX, Citrix Xen, and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Creating clusters
  • Increased servers up-time by using fail-over (HA)
  • Make business more secure by using RAID-1
  • Using snapshots that can easily restore data from any given point
  • Security Images will improve privacy since every employee can have its own encrypted space