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Virtual Disk encryption
KernSafe Virtual Disk Encryption Solution


When you are starting to generate more and more valuable data, that data starts to be more attractive for other people that don’t have authorized access to it. Such data may, but don’t have to, include sensitive personal information, government and corporate secrets or even valuable research material.

While creating backup for that data is very important, protecting it from unauthorized access is even more. There are many ways to protect your data while encrypting it, and of those solutions is using encrypted virtual disk file. KernSafe have currently two products that are allowing you to benefit from using encrypted virtual disk file. One of them is TotalMounter, whole another is DiskEncryptor. At the same time, both of them are equally secure since they are using AES 256-bit encryption mechanism that can ensure you no one without proper password will be able to access that data.

Virtual Disk Encryption

Both of KernSafe programs can crate and use securely encrypted virtual disk file. Benefit of using that kind of file is that you will be able to easily move it from one place to another just as a one file, even if inside you will have thousands files. Such solution would be ideal for anyone who needs to have important data on themselves by all the time. Then even if that data would be lost, no one can gain access to it. That encrypted file can also be stored on a USB drive for much easier use.

Using KernSafe Virtual Disk encryption solution available in DiskEncryptor and TotalMounter you will benefit from:

  • Can be stored on USB drive
  • Extremely secure
  • Easy to use
  • Support newest Windows operating system

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