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iSCSI SAN for Citrix
iSCSI SAN for Citrix XenServer

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While virtualization is growing in past years, many IT professionals are leaning towards it. It is due all benefits can it can give not only to big multinational corporations, but also to SMB. One of the most advanced server virtualization solutions is Citrix XenServer. Using it will not only save time and utilize all resources your sever can offer but most importantly will allow to save money.

Along with server virtualization, you will also need to storage virtualization solution to benefit from everything that server virtualization can offer you in order to protect and increase the reliability of your storage.
In this case KernSafe iStorage Server will be the most optimal choice. In matter of minutes it will allow your storage to be consolidated, virtualized and centrally managed to maximize benefit of your current network.

KernSafe iStorage Server can work on any Windows based server and even inside VM that is running Windows. You will also be able to turn any of your existing servers into High Availability storage servers in less than 5 minutes.? Our developers are making sure that you will be able to benefit from everything that iSCSI have to offer.

Citrix iSCSI

Using KernSafe iSCSI SAN solutions your engineers will be able to receive consolidated and centrally managed storage that will be able to fully work with Citrix XenServer to decrease any downtime you may encounter.
That will benefit for your company in many ways that you maybe never thought of, such as:

  • Improve speed for transferring files over network
  • Utilize every hardware component to maximize performance
  • Increase up-time while performing all necessary upgrades
  • Decrease any time required to perform disaster recovery while you are using HA storage
  • Merge your server power with storage virtualization
  • Cut costs

While combining power of KernSafe iSCSI SAN and Citrix XenServer you will be able to use the servers you already have, without any additional investing into redundant SAN. With new release of Citrix XenServer you will also be able to benefit from features such as auto-restart, increased security and scalability to run all critical business applications

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