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iSCSI SAN for Linux

KernSafe SuperSAN is an advanced and powerful iSCSI Target software for Linux, which can quickly convert any workstation, server, and even embedded device into powerful iSCSI SAN. Being a full-featured iSCSI SAN software which supports many features and powerful authorization methods include CHAP, Mutual CHAP and IP Address authorization, SuperSAN not only supports a variety of media types such as Standard Image File, VHD, volumes, and physical disks, but also support many features for enterprise such as SCSI-3 for clustering, Synchronous / Asynchronous Replication, High Availability, Snapshot and CDP. The product is an ideal choice for storage solution in enterprise and home user.

Thanks to the iSCSI technology, SuperSAN the powerful iSCSI SAN solution for Linux can be used in widely range that from personal user to data centers.

For small business using, user can create shared storage for other servers such as virtualization, database, file server and clustering.

For enterprise, administrator can use the iSCSI SAN product to create shared storage for other servers and can provide many enterprise leave features for data protection, such as asynchronization / synchronization, snapshot, RAID5 and high availability.