Disk encryption
KernSafe Disk Encryption Solution


Recently we can hear more about hacker attacks on different companies then in the past. Now no one that has valuable data can feel secure. Even if you would spend countless amount of money, there is still a change that someone could break into your network and steal all your data.

Best way to protect yourself against it is to encrypt all your data on your hard drivers. That can assure you that even if someone will break in and get access to it, it will be useless for that person since it will be completely unreadable without correct password. KernSafe Disk Encryption solutions are using the strongest AES 256-bit encryption to assure safety of your data. Combining that algorithm with strong password make it that even on a supercomputer it would take thousands of years to brake it, which discourage anyone before even attempting to do it.

It is very important that every corporation will have implemented encryption solution to protect not only the most valuable data, but also to protect all its data. KernSafe encryption solution is working transparently for user, so it can protect whole drive without any user interaction. It is very easy to setup and practically don’t require any changes or maintenance afterwards. It is one of the fastest encryption solutions currently available on the market therefore user won’t notice any speed difference comparing to non-encrypted drive.

Disk Encryption

Using KernSafe encryption solution available in DiskEncryptor you will benefit from:

  • Everything on your hard drive can be encrypted (including PAGE FILE)
  • Works transparently for user
  • Everything is automatic - no applications need to be adjusted to use encrypted drive
  • Fast speed on encrypted drive
  • Easy to use

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