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KernSafe Solutions for Educational Sector

Education is very important for everyone and now there are many new ways students can gain knowledge. All IT professionals that are in this sector need to fulfill growing needs while still maintaining tight budget. The easiest and most affordable way to achieve it is to use KernSafe products.

Educational sector, same as others, are getting more and more computerized. By those means all books, or other paper documents are getting replaced by its digital equivalents. That data need to be not only secure but also properly backed up. While now practically every educational institution have its own IT solutions, it is still not as effective as using SAN's, Virtualized desktops and backup solutions.
That thing is usually connected to limited budged of educational institution and lack of proper knowledge on how to implement those solutions in order to achieve higher efficient without increasing operational costs. That can be easily achieved by using iStorage Server, which is software iSCSI Target that allows to create and export SAN (Storage Area Network) over already existing Ethernet network, therefore now additional hardware is needed.

Thanks to multiple solutions from KernSafe you will be able to increase your effectiveness and allow students to achieve what they weren’t able earlier:

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Lifetime support
  • Create encrypted and individual storage for students in matter of minutes
  • Create high availability cluster for increased uptime and easier disaster recovery
  • Affordable storage expansion
Please contact us under [email protected] for more detailed information about our solutions and discounts for educational and non-profit sector.

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