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iSCSI SAN for VMware
iSCSI SAN for VMware Products - vSphere, VMware ESX and ESXi


In every year more and more companies are leaning towards server virtualization. The answer for that trend is pretty simple – higher efficiency. When virtualizing server by using VMware ESX or VMware ESXi company can not only utilize all resources that server have available but also increase overall availability and performance.

While virtualizing server will help you get more overall performance from the hardware you already have, you will also need to have a storage virtualization solution. Perfect for that will be KernSafe iStorage Server. Not only it will work seamlessly with VMware products but also it will do it for an affordable price that will fulfill all your needs.

iStorage Server will allow you to create iSCSI SAN on any Windows based server. Whole process from installation to creating even most advanced High Availability iSCSI SAN won’t take more than 5 minutes. Thanks to work of our developers you will be able to benefit from everything iSCSI have to offer. By using iStorage Server your administrator will be able to get a very easy to use iSCSI SAN that will allow you create a consolidated, virtualized and centrally managed storage.

VMware iSCSI

Using KernSafe iStorage Server will allow your company to be more efficient? and eliminate any unnecessary cost leaving you will pure profit. KernSafe will allow you to do that in your all VMware environments by:

  • Simplify storage management for VMware
  • Increase utilization of your hardware
  • Raise your system uptime by speeding up data migrations
  • Helping you to protect your data better
  • Merge your server power with storage virtualization
  • Cut costs

Ultimately you will be able to use everything that VMware have to offer and convert your existing servers into KernSafe iStorage Server IP SAN solution. No additional hardware is required, you will be able to use servers you already have. Except for that you will also be able to utilize all new features of ESXi that can benefit from shared storage such as VMotion, VMware HA, DRS and VC.

HA KernSafe

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