CD /DVD encryption
KernSafe CD/DVD Encryption Solution


Encrypting CD and DVD is equally important as hard drives. Many companies may require to use only encrypted CD/DVD in their office since that will significantly increase security level in the office. Then even if some disks will be lost, there won’t be any threat that someone can access that data.

In order to protect yourself against potential data loss or theft you should encrypt not only data on your hard disks but also on all optical disks you may use in the office or you give to your clients. That will ensure you that even if by some unfortunate turn of events someone will lose such disk, there won’t be any way that data will be accessed without knowing proper password. We are using strongest AES 256-bit encryption to make sure your data will be safe all the time. This algorithm is also used in government agencies all over the world since it is marked as very secure.

CD/DVD Encryption

KernSafe SecureCD Creator is very unique software since it will be able to create an autorunable encrypted CD/DVD that can be accessed only using correct password. Our solution is using strongest AES 256-bit encryption that ensures safety of data that is on those disks. This will be perfect for any company that would like to add encryption solutions to theirs offices to protect all data. This solution works transparently for user and after putting encrypted CD/DVD into computer, there will appear a prompt window asking for password. It is very easy to set up and use therefore you can be sure that users won’t be affected by it in any negative way.

Using KernSafe CD/DVD encryption solution available in SecureCD you will benefit from:

  • Easy to use
  • Works transparently for user
  • Everything is automatic - no applications need to be adjusted to use encrypted drive
  • Support newest Windows operating system

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