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About KernSafe

KernSafe Technologies is globally recognized for being a leader in storage virtualization and data security solutions. KernSafe products expand from desktops, to the datacenters as well as on mobile devices.

Our customer can be anyone, from individuals, through middle size firms and finishing at big multinational companies. It really doesn't matter how big you are, since we are dedicated to produce the highest quality software while providing outstanding customer support. While being one of the fastest growing software company, KernSafe is creating software that is easy to use yet can have a huge positive impact in any working environment.

What is our mission

KernSafe Technologies is now devoted to storage virtualization solutions. At the same time we are now continuing to create other type of software that can benefit in increasing security or allowing for easier management of files on the computer. We are dedicated to create affordable products that can help any company or individual to protect important data from any kind of loss thanks to High Availability or Remote Replication solutions.

Becoming our reseller

Resellers are very important to us, because thanks to their help we are able to provide our products on international markets, which would be difficult to do on our own. Because who can know their markets better then not the people itself? Therefore we are proud of each and every one of our resellers that brings high quality service to our customers. To learn more about our reseller program, please contact us at: [email protected]


At this moment, our products are available in almost every country allowing for easy access for any costumer. Therefore we are open to any level of cooperation. If you would be interested in becoming our exclusive distributor, would like to exchange links with us or would like to propose any other level of cooperation, we will gladly hear about it. You may contact us about at: [email protected]