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Network Shared disk solution
Network Shared disk solution

File and disk sharing is feature that allows large number of users to access data over the network as they would on their local machines. That is a huge benefit for any client that have small amount of disk space and need to expand it from server. That will allow users to gain access to much bigger storage that wouldn’t fit on a local hard disk.
Thanks to that all resources are stored physically on a remote server and then connected through Ethernet network, you can administrate it much easier. At first you could start with reducing number of applications that are needed to maintain your network. Then you could reduce all issues that are connected to performing backups from a numerous number of machines. Since all data will be stored in one location, all of those tasks will require work that is comparable to working on a single machine.

iSCSI Network Shared Disk

Centralizing your database has also one big advantage – it helps to keep all data consistent trough all users of that shared storage. At the same time our software provides Virtual Write feature which prevents this to happen. It means changes made to files by certain user are visible only to that user and does not affect any other users of the same shared storage.

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