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KernSafe Solutions for Small Business Sector

Small businesses also need to have very reliable data sharing solutions. While fiber channel is very expensive to implement in current network, iSCSI can provide a great performance that can come with a very affordable price. iSCSI can be used over already existing Ethernet network thanks to programs such as iStorage Server which is software iSCSI Target.

In the past it was difficult for small businesses to develop stable and fast network infrastructure – due to technical or budget limitations. Now thanks to iSCSI technology, almost every company that has already existing Ethernet network can benefit from it. It is now very easy to expand storage capabilities to other computers, laptops or even smart phones that are connected to that network. Thanks to increasing speed of iSCSI, you will be able to reach speeds up to 10 Gb.

Creating backups is also crucial for every company. Backups will not only allow for easy and fast disaster recovery but also assure you that you won’t lose valuable time, which is crucial while something bad will happen. While backups can be achieve in many ways, one of the most advanced one is creating a high availability cluster. While the technology standing behind it is very complex, setting everything is easy and straight forward operation.

Thanks to all solutions available from KernSafe, you will be able to gain multiple benefits out of it:

  • Cut costs
  • Simplify storage management
  • Utilize every hardware component to maximize performance
  • Saves your business money
  • Backup time reduction

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