KernSafe Solutions for VMware


VMware is most popular virtualization platform amongst professionals and personal users. That makes it most desirable solution when it comes to virtualizing your hardware to maximize its utilization. ESX/ESXi is one of the most advanced virtual servers available on the market, since it will allow you to benefit from many advance features.

Combining bare-metal architecture of ESX/ESXi, that also characterized by small footprint with vSphere client will allow all professionals to easily manage all of the server’s resources. Recently vSphere was updated to version 5.0 allowing to benefit from new features such as:

  • Unified CLI Framework
  • Graphical User Interface to configure multicore virtual CPUs
  • VMware vSphere Auto Deploy
  • Client-connected USB devices
  • Host UEFI boot support
  • Support for up to 512 virtual machines per host
  • Storage DRS
  • Enhanced Network I/O Control

VMware virtualization platform allow you to overcome many troubles you already experienced, such as low I/O on hard drives, low hardware utilization, etc. Keeping on mind all features that come with this virtualization infrastructure, you can be sure you won’t be disappointed in your choice. Adding to that all solutions KernSafe have to offer, such as iSCSI Server to expand all storage capabilities of your server.

If you wish to know more about our work under VMware virtualization platform, or you have special requests, please contact as at [email protected].

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