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Consulting Services

KernSafe provides custom Windows driver development services since 2002, the founders of KernSafe are working in this area since 2000. Based on those many years of experience we offer development services to customers who want to outsource specific tasks of their product development. KernSafe specializes in device driver design and in specific bus technologies such as File System, Disk, CD-ROM, SCSI, USB, Network and Rootkit. Clients can contact KernSafe to create a complete PC and device connectivity solution.

We place a high priority on software quality and great customer support. Our software works reliable under real-world conditions and is maintainable and extensible. As many of our customers work in the area of industrial, medical or automotive applications we always focus on robustness and efficiency.

Summary of KernSafe's Skills:

  • Windows System Architecture and Windows Internals

    Members of the KernSafe development team have a deep understanding of the internal architecture of the Windows operating system, specifically the kernel. We write kernel-mode software since the days of Windows 95 and Windows NT. We are familiar with many of the components included in current Windows releases and know all concepts and standards related to driver development very well.

  • Windows Kernel-Mode Device Drivers

    At KernSafe, we have a strong background in hardware. We know devices and combine this knowledge with our deep familiarity with the internals of the Windows operating system to create reliable and efficient device drivers. KernSafe successfully completed numerous Windows device driver projects, e.g. for USB and SCSI devices, or sophisticated, high-speed PCI/PCI and Network devices. We have great experience in creating complex kernel-mode drivers such as bus drivers, file system drivers,filter drivers, network drivers and various virtual device drivers. We maintain an internal framework which allows us to create reliable and WDM-compliant drivers very quickly.

  • Win32 Multithreaded Application and Service Programming

    Our developers are very familiar with Windows multithreading and I/O concepts. We are able to design robust and efficient Windows applications or services that handle I/O tasks using dedicated threads. A defensive programming style and compliance with documentation ensure that reliable and maintainable code is produced. Our huge experience with Win32-level multi-threaded software development results from countless projects where we successfully created services, applications, utilities, DLLs and other components.

  • Bus Technologies

    KernSafe works with SCSI, PCI and USB technologies since those buses are available in the market. We know the technologies very well and helped many customers to integrate a USB or 1394 interface into their product. Our developers are familiar with both the PC side and the embedded device side of a bus connection. Of course, we are also accustomed to work with other standard buses such as PCI, SCSI/iSCSI, USB and with network communication technologies such as Ethernet, W-LAN, TCP/IP, etc.

  • Other Operating Systems

    KernSafe also gained experience with other operating systems, in particular Windows CE and Windows Mobile, Linux and Mac OS X. On those systems, we successfully created SCSI/iSCSI, USB and disk drivers, for instance. In a couple of projects we developed concepts and strategies to implement device driver functionality in an abstract, operating system independent way. So Windows and other operating systems can be supported with one driver architecture and one code base.

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