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Virtual Native SAN
Virtual Native SAN

The Virtual SAN is native version of KernSafe iSCSI SAN cross-platform which can work in the VMWare vSphere (ESX, ESXi) and Citrix XenServer host machine. It quickly brings the benefits are:
Build Hyper-Converged Infrastructure or high availability visualization server with only two servers (two nodes high availability).
Convert VMWare vSphere and Citrix XenServer into hyper converged servers, allows it can provide both compute and storage service.

Administrator can use the Native iSCSI SAN product to create shared storage on Virtualization Server for it's client virtual machines, this is the easest way and cheapest way to create two-host high availability. The product not only provide high availability features, but also many enterprise level features for data protection, such as asynchronization / synchronization, snapshot and RAID5.