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Add Server to Management Console HAReplicator User Manual

HAReplicator was designed as easily to be used and easily to be managed, each user can use centralized management console to manage servers, using HAReplicator Management Console can manage many servers at the same time. To add server to HAReplicator Management Console, press the Add button on the toolbar, then the Add Server dialog shown as follows.

User can set it up as fallows:

1. Server IP and Port
Type HAReplicator IP and port to which you wish to connect to.
Browse button allows to search for additional servers automatically.

The default HAReplicator port is 63261.

2. User login credentials
Provide user name and password to connect to another server.

Default credentials are:
User name: root
Password: kernsafe

User can change them at any time.

After pressing OK button to save setting and connect to the server, HAReplicator Management Console will be shown as below:




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