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Install KernSafe HAReplicator HAReplicator User Manual

KernSafe HAReplicator can be easily installed by following the instructions introduced in this section.

If a previous version of the HAReplicator has been installed, please close all the HAReplicator applications.

Step1: Welcome Window
Start the installation by double clicking the installer icon. The welcome window will be displayed. Press the Next button to continue.

Step2: License Agreement window
User must read the license agreement carefully. Only if user accepts the terms and conditions specified in the document, user can select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and press the Next button to continue the installation. Otherwise, user must select “I do not accept the terms in the License Agreement” and exit the installation procedure.

Step 3: Choose Components window
Please select the components that need to be installed.

If you will install HAReplication on server which you want to create replication services, you can choose "Server" as the type of install, otherwise if you want to install management console to mange other servers, select "Console" as the type of install. 

Press the Next button to continue 

Step 4: Choose Install Location window
Please select the folder to install the software. By default, the installation folder is C:\Program Files\KernSafe\HAReplicator. To install the software to another location, press the Browse… button to select the new location. And then press the Next button to continue.

Step 5: Choose Start Menu Folder window
Specify the start menu folder and press the Install button to start the installation.

Step 6: Finish window
After installation is finished, press the Finish button to exit. The HAReplicator has been successfully installed to the computer.

If you installed server components, please choose Reboot now and press the Finish button to restart your server, if you installed Management Console only, choose I want to manually reboot later, it is not necessary to reboot.



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