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HAReplicator is a storage replication and high-availability solution which deliverys the cheapest way to create Microsoft Windows Cluster Service (MSCS).  It also provide a full functions of replication types.

Click Start > Programs > KernSafe > HAReplicator->HAReplicator to launch HAReplicator Management Console.

HAReplicator is designed as easy to use software which provides a simple but powerful remote centralization management tools, by this tool, use can manage all server in one desktop. User can add server by clicking on the Add button.

After type Server name, Port, User name and Password, click the OK button to add server.

After there is one or more serve selected, user can create application on the server, click the Create button to create replication applications.

High Availability Storage, allows user to create high availability storage by using server's built-in storage such as hard disk and RAID storages, after create high availability storage, user can create Windows cluster by using local storage.

To use this solution, user will need at least two pair of disks, disks in each pair much be having the same size, each pair of disks will be replicated by each other and one pair for Quorum disk and another for Data disk.

Remove Replication, allows user to create a real-time replication between local storage to remote iSCSI SAN, as the software is working in the system kernel mode, after application created, user don't need to do any more configuration, just use use local storage as normal.

Image File Mirror, Similar with the Remote Replication, it allows user to create replication from local storage to local image file.

Hard Disk Mirror, Allows user to create software RAID-1 between two hard disks, which is active-passive.

Volume Mirror, Allows user to create software RAID-1 between two volumes (partition), which is active-passive.

Additionally, every replication applications support failover and connection live recovery, that means mirror target fails, won't effect source storage working, and HAReplication will record different data and it will do Incremental synchronize after target storage working.



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