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Add Virtual Disk

This chapter will guide you how to add a virtual disk .

Click 'Start > Programs > KernSafe > INetDisk Server', the 'Client Mounter' GUI will be shown:

Client Mounter

Mount Disk Click the Mount button on the toolbar and then the "Disk Mount" dialog will be shown.
add virtual disk

Select "Network"  to mount a disk from INetDisk Server.
Select "Disk Image" to mount a disk from a local image file.
Fill out the IP address and port , or file name and then press the OK button to complete disk mounting.
If the media is encrypted, you may specify a password to indicate that the media is encrypted on-the-fly by this password.

Un-Mount Disk  Select a virtual device from the 'device list' and click the 'UnMount' button, then you can remove a virtual disk from your computer.

Change Controller The 'Controller 0 ' is the default of the drop-down menu 'change', Each of controller can hold 4 virtual disk ,the windows Pc only support one controller.

Settings  Click 'Setting' button and you can customize the default setting. The setting's property dialog is below

Hide Click 'Hide' button to hide the interface, you can open the interface at once by click the small icon icon which appear at the windows toolbar

Exit Click 'exit' button will close the the main interface.




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