INetDisk Online Help
 iNetDisk Server User Manual
Installing INetDisk

The installation of INetDisk is easy, simple and fast.

1. Welcome Window
Double click the INetDisk.exe, Click the 'Next' to dismiss the welcome dialog box .

Acknowledge the end user license agreement (EULA). Select the I accept the terms in the license Agreement option, then click Next.

3 Select Installation Model

'Server' option will install service and the server tools on which you can create a new virtual disk service.
option will install the client tools on which you can load the disk on the server.
'All' option can install all the tools on one computer, Generally speaking , we not propose you to select this one.

4 The default The default installation directory is "C:\Program Files\KernSafe\INetDisk Server" ,You can change this path if necessary;

5 Click the 'Next' button to continue according to the on-screen prompt. The whole process will take several minutes;

6 After installation, it will pop up the confirmation window ,Click Finish button to confirm and close the window.



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