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Disk Encryption K-Backup User Manual

K-Backup provides transparent (on-the-fly) disk encryption feature to increasing local storage security level.

Open the K-Backup Suite, click Disk Encryption on the Home page.

One the right side, you can check the drive information.

Enc Format: Quickly format drive and encrypt it.

Lock: Lock the drive after encrypting it.

Encrypt: Encrypt the drive.

Note: User can not operate on system drive.

Press Enc Format, the Question will be shown as below.

Press Yes to quickly format drive with encryption, Press No to cancel.

Press Encrypt, the Question will be shown as below.

Press Yes, the window will be shown as below.

Enter the password you want.

After you encrypted the drive, you can lock and decrypt the drive.

When the drive is locked, anyone without correct password can not access the disk.

 Press Unlock.

Enter password to unlock it and you can Dec Format and Decrypt.



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