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Disk Synchronization K-Backup User Manual

To strongly protect storage, K-Backup also provides a feature "Disk Synchronization". User can backup data on whole drive to remote datastore.

Open the K-Backup Suite, click Disk Synchronization (Replication) on the Home page.

One the right side, you can check the drive information.

Note: User can not operate on system drive.

Press Attach to connect to remote datastore.

Press Select.

Add remote datastore server, select a Discovery Datastore.

Enter the CHAP information.

Press OK to finish configuring remote datastore.

Remote Portal: Remote datastore information

Local Portal: Local Portal information

Synchronize Options: Configure replication type and initialize type

Synchronous: Real-time replication

Asynchronous: Fast speed and high reliability replication

Full Synchronize: Synchronize data if two storages has differences.

Don't Synchronize: If two storages are new, user don't need to synchronize them.

Press Next to continue.

You can encrypt the datastore.

Press Next to continue.

Press Finish to complete it.

Users can press Synchronize to do full synchronization and press Detach to detach them.



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