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Advanced iSCSI Target Management
Advanced Target Settings KernSafe Storage Center

Click Advanced Targets on the left navation panel, then click on che checkbox of one target, then click the Properties button, then Target Settings dialog popup up.


Input target name if want to change.

User can change the target's Authorization method, if you want to know more about this, please refer to the topic Authorization Mechanism.

Concurrent Access. concurrent access of multi-clients may lead to the data corruption. But when your storage server is running in the environment of cluster, the function of concurrent writing of multi-users is needed and the writing synchronization control is realized by cluster software. Thus, you only need to enable this feature.

If you check “Report Readonly”, the device will show as a read-only device when when initiator can't get write access.

2. Devices Management

User can add devices to or remove devices from the list, but be becarefull to use it, for RAID5 devices, my need fully rebuild, and need re-enable target to take effect.

2. Portal and Portal V6

When you check "Inherit form global settings", the portal settings will follow the global settings of KernSafe iSCSI SAN, otherwise, you can have your own portal address for this target.



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