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Datacenter Advanced Target KernSafe Storage Center

Datacenter is a new feature in KernSafe iSCSI SAN v4 which is a distributed RAID technique achieved by software. Users can create RAID5 with several devices located on different servers. Different from general RAID5, Datacenter can prevent storage from losing when server goes down.

Creating a Datacenter

Follow the steps below to create a Datacenter:

Step 1. Select Advanced Targets and click the Add button on the top toolbar of the management system, then the Create Advanced Target wizard popup up.

Choose 'Datacenter ' in the Configuration Type window.
Press the Next button to continue.

Step 2. Add separated targets to Datacenter.

Press Add to configure the separated targets.

Enter the Host Name or IP  address of the server and click Discovery to find the target you want to use.
Press Add to add it and then add another targets in the same way.

Note: Same as general RAID5, Datacenter also needs three devices at least.

Step 3. Finish Creating iSCSI Target

Enter the Target Name.

Select an authorization mode, if you don't know how to it, you can see the topic Authorization Mechanism.
Press the Next button to continue.

Global Authorization: Indecate target will inherit authorization information (CHAP and IPFilters) from global, otherwise target will have its own authorization information.

Concurrent Access: Indicate target allow concurrent read-write operations.

Report Readonly: Indicate target will report as read only device if initiator don't have write access.

Press the Finish button to complete iSCSI target creation.



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