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Automatic Snapshots Replication on iSCSI SAN
Automatic Snapshots Replication
KernSafe Storage Center

Creating automatic snapshots application is mainly used if you wish to create snapshots based on schedule, event or different settings for the target you will specify in order to easily revert the data to any of the previous snapshots. While snapshots are configured, they are being created automatically therefore user input is minimized to bare minimum.

Create automatic snapshots application.

Step 1. Select Replications in the left panel and click the Add button on the top toolbar of the management system, then the Create Application wizard popup up.

Choose Automatic Snapshots in the Application Type.

Press the Next button to continue.

Step 2. Choose iSCSI Device


Step 3. Choose one target as the base target. Then press the Next button to continue.

After you input the host name and port of the remote iSCSI, press the Discovery button, it will show you all the targets on the remote iSCSI, select one which you want mirror to.

If the target you choose has the CHAP authorization, you must provide the user name and secret to log on.

User can also set up snapshot creating policy.

Then press the Next button to continue.

Step 4. Replication Portals Configuration

In this window you can specify all parameters for synchronization settings, such as Port Address or data dump folder.

The mirror target should be synchronized to the base target, if the two targets are both the new one and do not be initialized, we can choose No Sync, otherwise, we must choose Fully Sync

Note: All data on the mirror device will be destroyed after synchronization.

Step 5. Complete Application Creation

Press the Finish button to complete Application creation

Step 6. Check application status

• Running:
  Indicate that both current and partner servers are working without any problem.
• Failed:
  Indicate that partner server doesn’t work, and current target is working only with single path.
• Synchronizing:
  Indicate that current server is synchronizing data to partner server.
  Don’t shutdown, reboot or stop iStorage Server, otherwise later you will need to manually synchronize data to partner server.
• Pending:
  Indicate that partner server is synchronizing data to current server.



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