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Creating virtual CD iSCSI target
Virtual Optical Device KernSafe Storage Center

Virtual CD/DVD is a virtual device that is mapped from an image file on KernSafe iSCSI server. KernSafe iSCSI SAN Server supports different CD image file format like .iso, .bin, .mdf, .cdi etc. The server will map these CD image file to virtual CD-ROM device. All the users can access the virtual CD-ROM via iSCSI virtual CD/DVD ROM. This type of device is normally used to distribute file resource to local environment. All the users can use mapped CD image to install software.

Creating Virtual Optical Device

Follow the steps below to create a virtual optical device:

Step 1. Click New button on the top toolbar of the management system, then the Create iSCSI Target wizard popup up.

Choose Optical Device in the iSCSI Device Type group.

Press the Next button to continue.

Choose Virtual Optical Drive in the Select CD Type group.

Press the Next button to continue.

Step 2. Press the Browse button to select a image file.

Press the Next button to continue.

Step 3. Finish Creating iSCSI Target

Enter the Target Name.

Select an authorization mode, if you don't know how to do it, you can see the topic Authorization Mechanism.

Global Authorization: Indecate target will inherit authorization information (CHAP and IPFilters) from global, otherwise target will have its own authorization information.

Concurrent Access: Indicate target allow concurrent read-write operations.

Report Readonly: Indicate target will report as read only device if initiator don't have write access.

Press the Finish button to complete iSCSI target creation.



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