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Create CDP (Continous Data Protection) iSCSI Target
CDP Device
KernSafe Storage Center

It is a solution that allows for continuous backup which is also called real-time backup. It allows to save every bit of information that is saved by user, and later on allows for reverting to previously saved data with precision of milliseconds.

KernSafe iSCSI SAN provides true CDP, on the opposite to near continuous solution which is used in other solutions that are currently available on the market. Those other solutions are usually based on automatic snapshot creation based on a fixed interval of time. True CDP also differs from solutions such as Mirroring and Replication. Those solutions hold only one, most recent, copy of the protected data. If such data become corrupted and no one will notice it before making another backup, then that data become entirely corrupted.

True CDP, on the other hand, will prevent such corruption since user can choose any point in time, with precision of milliseconds, to what he wished to revert it to. Solution used in KernSafe iSCSI SAN also saved the storage space since it saves only the bytes of data that are changed, therefore if only one byte of data was changed in 10GB file, only that one block is backed up.

To create a CDP device using KernSafe iSCSI SAN, please refer to Create CDP Device page. On that page it is explained that first user need to create a CDP Datastore which is a special file that contain most recent data along with all changed that were made to it from the beginning of creation. 

After such base target is created, user can easily create a new target that is linked to the data store in any given point in time. In other words - create a new target that contain previous data. Such thing can be done in precision of milliseconds.



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