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KernSafe iSCSI SAN V5.2 Linux major upgrades

2016-08-18 KernSafe iSCSI SAN Linux major upgrades, the core architecture improvement which brings 3 powerful key features:

  • The iSCSI SAN software allows to use IP address V6 as iSCSI data traffic, and also allow to use IPv6 as IP address authorization.
  • Add server pool management for the iSCSI protocol stack, which allows the iSCSI SAN software to listen on multiple IP addresses and ports at the same time.
  • Added new image format, the VHDX, from version 2.0, we support Microsoft VHD, but this type of image has some limitation such as 2040GB in capacity. While VHDX is widely used by Hyper-v and Windows 10/Server 2012, the iSCSI SAN software will bring more convenient for all Windows customers.

Detail Update List:

  • Add VHDX disk image format support.
  • Added IPv6 supported.
  • Added IPv6 IP Filter.
  • Added server pools mechanism which allows to listen on multiple IP addresses and ports.
  • Added Mac address authorization.
  • Added VMware VAAI support.
  • Improved TCP/IP pool, which increase more performance and stability.
  • Improved virtual write feature which allows to create thin provisioning VHDX image file.
  • Fixed old vhd problem.
  • Added support for AIX iSCSI initiator.
  • Improved SMTP notification to support more servers.
  • Improved log mechanism and log viewer.
  • Fixed existing BUGs in GUI and iSCSI SAN core services.

Also, we added REST API for the product, we will provide WEB based management console in the nearly future.

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